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We employ and work with some of the brightest minds in the business. Our proprietary research, fresh approach and unique insights are hallmarks of EcoAlign’s thinking. We’re pleased to offer a host of innovative tools that share our perspective including EcoAlign’s "Creative Brief," "EcoPinion," "Project Energy Code" and blog, "Life in the Green Lane."

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EcoPinion is a proprietary research series of macro-level assessments of consumer values, drivers and behavior around energy and environmental needs. The survey targets 1,000 people matching the U.S. population by age, gender, region and ethnicity. The surveys indicate various examples of the gap that providers can fill through marketing.
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Blog: Life in the green lane

  • A white paper, "New Behavioral Approaches to Energy Conservation," is available on the DEFG Web site. The white paper examines the behavioral landscape to better understand and leverage behavioral models that go beyond what is in the market today. The paper points to significant potential for customer engagement centered on energy conservation, but also many challenges to effective implementation.

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