social media

Smart paths to social media success

With the expansion of social media worldwide, consumers are producers of content and influential actors. Everyday people are having a much greater influence on behavior than traditional advertising alone. We are shifting the way we communicate.

In this new environment, the question is, "What motivates someone to share something with their most trusted friends and colleagues?" The answer, in part, is, "They find the information intrinsically useful." It's not a matter of liking this change; it's a matter of whether or not you will join the conversation.

Answering questions to enter social media

Utilities, energy suppliers and clean tech companies are currently looking for answers:
-- What is the best path to enter into the social media conversation?
-- What is the optimum mix traditional and social media?
-- What is the best means to achieve my business objectives?
-- How do I deal with the perceived or real loss of control over the conversation?

Through EcoAlign's services, our clients:
-- Gain a better understanding of social media’s platforms, practices and principles before committing resources and people
-- Identify conversations around the company (employees) and in industry, and the impact (existing and potential) the conversations are having
-- Build a case among internal stakeholders to commit to working with social media
-- Interact with industry peers who are struggling with many of the same challenges

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